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Nowadays social media has become much more than just a platform to interact with our friends. It has become an online market to promote your products and services like you do on e-commerce websites.

Not like before, the social media platforms are also finding different ways to help businesses grow with users. We can find many Business accounts on different Social Media platforms. Probably they all have multiple competitors also. Now, though it is easy to sell online due to reach, it is also a little difficult to get visible to the customers. 

There are many successful businesses out there who still use social media aggregator tools aggressively for upgrading their business profile into the digital world.

Because listing your products online is not the only goal for your business. You probably want conversion also. 

At such times you can use the benefits of social media aggregators that can drastically change the way you used to do business online.

The biggest social media power is influencing users to make decisions. You probably know that if two powerful things are merged together they become super powerful. 

So, if you combine the power of social media and social media aggregator tools in the correct way, you won’t be able to calculate the amount of response or conversion you’d get.

How Social Media Aggregator Tools work:

Social media aggregator tools display your earned User-Generated Content on all the marketing touchpoints which later helps you in increasing social media user engagement, social reach, social proof, build trust, loyalty and finally lead you to conversions.

Let’s have a look at the best social media aggregator tools:-

Best Social Media Aggregator Tools

There are many social media aggregator tools that can help you grow your social profile but below are some of the top social media aggregation tools on the basis of platform, features and personalization they offer. Instead of waiting in line for agencies to complete your requirement this platform gives you a simple yet powerful way to create and manage your social wall and contents.

1. TagEmbed – Tagembed is the most simple yet advanced and powerful tool used by most of the businesses out there due to the affordable price point and features included in it for aggregating contents from different platforms.

Tagembed provides many platforms to aggregate from like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, Slack, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, Yelp reviews, Airbnb reviews, Google reviews, Facebook reviews etc.

Social Media Platforms Tagembed offer to aggregate feeds from.

but the most unique tool like none other is spotify, which can be embedded for musical websites according to the user’s interest and also guide on how and where to move with audio content.

You can aggregate all the feeds from different platforms and then use the advanced features like:

  • Personalization – helps in making your content more attractive and appealing for the eyes. You can choose from many layout, banners, background, font sizes & colors options.
  • Insights Analytics – Helps you understand what are the content that users engage with and the pain points that need to be resolved.
  • Moderation – helps you with approving what aggregated posts you want to display and hide the rest posts. You can also enable moderation for the new feeds that get posted on the platforms and then later approve or reject to be displayed or not.
  • Profanity Filter – One of the most required features, profanity filter lets you filter out the content that contains obscene language in it.
  • Real-time Update – Get the new uploaded content immediately on your display also. 
  • Extra Features – Some of the important features that makes it stand out are custom CSS, Ticker, Hashtag Highlighter etc

TagEmbed is really a handy tool that also lets you integrate into so many multiple platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, squarespace, magento, slack, bigcommerce, intercom etc.

Tagembed integration platforms

TagEmbed is suitable for all business types like small, medium and large according to the price plans and features they offer.

Tagembed Price plans

TagEmbed also offers a free plan you can take the benefit of.

2. Taggbox – TaggBox provides multiple options for different uses like embedding into websites, displaying into events screens, using in-store display screens, getting user’s rights for UGC etc.

Taggbox has the robust and intact features that not only lets you aggregate contents but also modify it with their own library of different layouts, backgrounds, font sizes & colors and many more options.

Taggbox lets you create multiple profiles and aggregate multiple feeds into them according to the selected plans.

They have solutions like:

  • Social Feed Widgets – collect feed from social media
  • Hashtag Feeds – encourage user engagement, brand loyalty, social proof etc
  • User reviews widget – Gather and then display user reviews about your business
  • UGC experience feed – Publish user generated content on your websites to show user experience or satisfaction level.
  • Visual Gallery – showcase your own social media gallery to increase dwell time
  • Social Stories – Create buzz, run short-time promotions, feature highlights, or even save the content by embedding social media stories on websites.
  • Real-time update – Get the latest feed immediately on your screen also.

Taggbox offers embedding from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Giphy, Tumblr, Yammer, RSS, soundcloud, Yelp, Airbnb, Google Reviews etc. 

Social media platforms Taggbox provides to let you aggregate feeds from.

Taggbox integration is compatible with the following platforms: HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify etc.

Platforms logo that Taggbox lets you to embed feeds on.

You can also integrate with mailchimp, buffer, enplug, slack, shopify etc. for further possibilities.

Logos of other platforms that Taggbox let's you integrate in for further possibilities.

Taggbox offers a 14 days free trial for new users and later affordable packages according to the business requirement and features. They also provides discounts for Non-Profit and Educational Institutes to help them do good in society.

Taggbox offers for non-profit and educational institutes.

3. Tint – Tint is another social media aggregator that lets you aggregate content from multiple platforms and then integrate into websites and screens for user engagement and other benefits. 

Tint lets you aggregate content from following platforms like Instagram, facebook, Twitter, RSS, Youtube & Linkedin.

Social media platform logo Tint offers to aggregate from.

Tint is no further different from the other platforms like :

  • Customizable Themes
  • Filters
  • Image rights management
  • Social Media Integration etc

Tint has a higher price plan that is not suitable for the small or medium businesses. They mainly focus on big companies with higher budgets.

Tint doesn’t offer a free trial.

4. – is easy to use and you can create social walls in a small fraction of time. 

Walls provides features like 

  • customizable CSS 
  • flexible display options 
  • 5 themes
  • text and spam filters
  • Moderation etc

Walls offer platform to aggregate feeds from are Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Flickr, RSS, Tumblr etc.

Logo of social media platforms that Walls lets you aggregate feeds from.

They offer different pricing options to choose from and also offer a free trial.

Monthly Price Plans of Walls

5. Flockler – Flockler is very simple to use like other social aggregators mentioned above. It provides almost the same features like above with different feels and looks.

Flockler has also helped lots of sports category companies to curate contents from social media platforms and drive traffic ultimately.

The list of social platforms it offers are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Flickr & RSS

Social media platforms Flockler offers to aggregate feeds from.

Flockler also provides free trial with other packages that can be purchased according to your business requirement.

Flockler price plans.


Social media Aggregator are the best tools to save a lot of resources and time. Ultimately, giving you the power of collecting, curating, customizing and embedding on different social touchpoints. 

These are the best social media aggregator tools available right now with different price points that can help you grow your business, suitable for different business types like small, medium and large.

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