How to Reset Every Section of Your Website When You Want to Start Over

Sometimes things just don’t go your way, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. And when things go from bad to worse, the best option just might be to get a clean slate.

And resetting everything on your website is usually a very complicated ordeal that takes time and effort out of your day. That’s why when it comes to website resets, it’s best to use specialized software that encompasses all your needs in one simple package. After all, even if you reset your website, you’d still need to have the original backup somewhere, which would require a backup program to run it. So why not use a program that offers it all?

Meet the WordPress Reset plugin

That’s where the WordPress Reset plugin comes in handy, as it offers one of the best all-encompassing reset options that they dubbed “the Nuclear Reset”. It has quite a severe ring to it, and it sure delivers on that promise. It deletes absolutely everything, eradicates your website down to its last file. All of your images, plugins, themes, and even your base framework, leave nothing in its wake. The only thing that survives is your user account and your WP settings.

WordPress Reset

But, unlike other reset tools that require copious amounts of prep work, the Nuclear Reset from the WordPress Reset plugin can do that job in a matter of a few clicks.

Why is resetting a site such a good idea?

And you might be asking yourself, but why would I need a big reset everything button? Well, sometimes things just don’t go your way, and you install an outdated plugin or an incompatible one. And while you may think it’s a harmless little piece of code that, for example, gives you pop-up widgets, in reality, your website registers it in a big and messy mush of code that just breaks your site. No matter how much you backtrack or uninstall the plugin, your website stays a complete mess. So, instead of trying to do surgery with a hunting knife, why not just delete it all and start anew. Reapply your backups onto your refreshed website, the ones that were never injected with bad code, and there you have it.

If something like that happens to you, your quickest way for recovery may just be complete and utter devastation of the corrupted site. And that’s the simple truth when facing an insurmountable challenge, you may try to work around it, but it will take you so much time that could’ve been saved if you just reset the page and started anew.

While you’re growing your website or just managing an already established one, you will realize how an essential part of your job is your time efficiency. Each minute your website is down due to a bug or an error, you are losing your potential visitors and customers. And sure, while the Nuclear Reset option does its job in about thirty seconds, setting up a fresh backup may take some time, but it’s by no means comparable to the amount of time you’d need to spend combing through each and every add-on and line of code to find the source of your problem.

But what really makes the WordPress Reset plugin stand above the rest is its vast array of features. Instead of having five or even ten separate plugins that would handle your backups, cleaning, white-labeling, resets, etc. Instead, you could just download WP Reset that has all of those features built-in.

Most notable features

One of the best highlights of this plugin is the centralized management of add-ons, themes, and other plugins. After you reset your website and lose all your data, you’re going to need to get your setup back. And with WP Reset, you’ll be able to reinstall all your plugins with one click. Not only that, but it also offers an easy-to-use recovery system that can help you restore your website from smaller issues and bugs. Like having one bad plugin mess up, your website can be a problem, but not a Nuclear option problem. With WP Reset, you have the flexibility of recovery, from using previous backups to an instant recovery tool.

WordPress Reset

And you don’t even need to worry about manually setting up backups, WP Reset has an automatic snapshot function that provides you with a safe backup in case something bad happens, and you forgot to back your work up.

If you have Google Drive, Dropbox, or other online storage services, you’re in luck too, as all of the backups can be stored in your own preferred application.

Just like any other website, yours too, will have to watch out for that nasty data bloat. But instead of manually looking for and wiping unnecessary data, why not utilize WP Resets excellent cleaning tools. Instead of hours scouring the most profound files of your website for the junk, you just need to click a single button and leave the hard work to WP Reset. You can delete transients, as well as any other content type you desire, cookies and local storage, purge the plugin cache, reset user roles, and much, much more.

Of course, that is if you decide to clean your site file-by-file instead of the more radical, Nuclear Reset option. Having just that one big red button that cleans your site from all the unnecessary junk so you can have a fresh start is really one of the best features the WordPress Reset plugin has to offer.

WordPress Reset

And despite having so much to offer, it’s actually quite surprising how simplistic and easy to use WP Reset is. You can manage all your aspects from a stylish dashboard that centralizes all your add-on work to a single page. On it, you can see all of your previous snapshots as well as all your necessary documentation.

In conclusion

Whether you’re a newcomer to website building or have a multitude of websites under your belt, having that safety net that WP Reset offers is truly indispensable. And you are having that Nuclear Reset option handy can save you a lot of needless hassle and, if worse comes to worst, can save you from potential site-ending malware.

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