How To Embed YouTube Channels on Websites

Embed Youtube Widget

With more than 2 billion logged-in users per month, YouTube stands as the world’s second-largest search engine. Therefore, it makes it crucial for any business. Also, 70% of viewers have accepted that YouTube makes them more aware of new brands. Hence, it establishes the fact that YouTube is essential for brands. So, if you own a business and have a YouTube channel, then pat your back because you are going in the right direction.

Now, moving further, this question would have crossed your mind a lot – “How to promote a YouTube channel?” There is an easy solution for this, and that is cross-promotion marketing. Cross-promotion marketing means advertising your channel on different social media platforms. You can do this by copying your channel or video link and pasting it on your social media walls. But it has many restrictions, and one of them is that it only helps in channel promotion and hardly makes any difference to your website traffic or sales. And this is where the strategy of embedding a YouTube channel on the website comes into play.

Importance Of Embedding YouTube Channel On Website

Embed YouTube Channels on Websites

Embedding a YouTube channel on the website promotes your channel and increases your website’s liveliness. YouTube is a digital platform that provides visual-based content and visual content known for colors, vibrancy, and vitality. 

On the other hand, it promotes your channel, as visitors who visit your website will discover your channel’s video. Thus, even if they are unaware of your YouTube existence, they will be able to know about it.

Talking further about the benefits of this strategy is that it increases visitor engagement on the website. As visitors will watch various videos on your website, it can instill interest in their minds. Moreover, as these videos create more engagement, there might be chances that people would like to visit your website and enhance their browsing experience.

In this age of internet, websites represent brands, and a good representative helps create a good impression on the visitors and eventually helps in attaining sales. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to add that x-factor to your website, attracting people and creating a good impression. It is where the strategy of embedding the YouTube channel comes into play.

With such benefits, if you think embedding might be a complex process, you are highly mistaken. On the contrary, social media aggregators are excellent tools that make the process easy and provide various features. 

Based on productivity, features, affordability, etc., Tagembed is one of the best aggregator tools in the market that eases the process and offers various features. Moreover, pricing plans make it an ideal tool. You can sign up to Tagembed and enjoy its free forever pricing plan.

How to Embed YouTube Channel On Websites

While using Tagembed for embedding, you can complete the process under two significant steps, which are:

Step#1 Create a YouTube widget

  • Sign up on Tagembed to create free Tagembed account, or if you have already registered to Tagembed, fill in your credential and log in to your account.
Embed YouTube Channels on Websites
  • You will land on the Tagembed dashboard window. For new users’ sign up, your first widget will be created and will be visible on the screen. Simply, click on the Edit button to proceed.
Embed YouTube Channels on Websites

(Alternatively, if you already have the account and looking to create a new widget, click on the Create widget button, present on the to the right corner of the screen. Next, provide an appropriate name to your widget on the pop-up window and click on Create Widget.)

  • A Pick a source window will appear on the screen. Select YouTube as your source from the list of platforms.
Embed YouTube Channels on Websites
  • Now, choose your YouTube connection type. You have four options:  Channel Url, Playlist, Keywords, and Location. As we are embedding a YouTube channel, choose Channel Url, paste the URL of your channel in the Enter channel url box. And click on the Create Feed button. 
Embed YouTube Channels on Websites

And within seconds, your YouTube widget with videos from the channel will be visible on the screen. 

You can customize the feed as per your need by clicking on the Personalize option on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you can change the Themes, Background, Banner, and more of your widget and match it to your website style.

Moreover, you can even use the moderation features, which help you to hide videos from your feed that you don’t want to display on the website.

After making the required adjustments, now it’s time to embed the feed on your website.

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Step#2 Embed YouTube widget on the website

  • Click on the Embed Widget button on the bottom left side of the screen.
  • From the Choose Your Platform pop-up window, choose the right platform.
  • Here, you can adjust the Width & height of the widget. Now copy the code on your clipboard.
  • Paste it on your website’s backend.

And you are done. Your website will now be displaying the videos from the selected YouTube channel. Finally, you can visit the website and check the output.


In this competitive world, each brand tries to woo website visitors. And therefore, to stay in the competition and relevant, you need to adopt new strategies that add grace to your website. But, on the other hand, YouTube is the source of engaging visual content, and by integrating it, you can create wonders for your business.  

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