7 Benefits of Social Media Aggregator

Social Media

Do you know? There are 3.5 Billion Active Social Media Users in the world according to Oberlo Social Media Statistics. Which is around 45% of the Total Population. 

Time and Money are equally important in life. I’ve heard a saying “work smart not hard”.

Before moving towards the smart move “7 Benefits of Social Media Aggregators for Businesses”, let’s talk in brief about:

The Power of Social Media:

A bulb in the center of social media logos.

With so many huge numbers of active users, it’s a must-have platform for businesses to create a social presence and brand awareness. Businesses leverage features of social media platforms to display and sell their products online. 

Influencing is the biggest power of Social Media. Businesses and Brands take full advantage of it to engage with the users and build a strong relationship with them.

Users share their real-life experiences with the products or services with their network, which helps brands to expand their audience niche. 

If the users are satisfied with the purchase of the product, they will be posting the pictures of the product on social media with nice captions and Hashtags.

But as a brand how you can leverage the user-generated content for your brand marketing?

Here comes the role of Social Media Aggregators.

What is Social Media Aggregator?

A person with laptop aggregating content from different Social Media Platforms

Social Media Aggregator is the solution for collecting User Generated content from different social media platforms into a unified platform. You can then embed those contents on websites, display on the in-store screen, live events for social proof, user engagement, and gaining conversions.

With so many users on all the platforms and the ocean amount of content, it gets hard for any human to sit and search for the quality content in different platforms to collect in one place.

Social Media Aggregator comes with so many refining options to discover and collect quality content. 

We’ll discuss it in the Benefits of Social Media Aggregators below.

7 Benefits of Social Media Aggregators

  1. Time-Saving – 
Women standing in between of clock and dollar sign

Marketing is a critical part of the business. However, sometimes the return of investment we get from it is unmeasurable. 

It can also be meant as Advertising. The crucial part in advertising is getting hands-on quality resources, analyzing it, and breaking it down into useful and engaging content to display.

Think about the amount of Time and Money needed to find the quality content from the ocean of contents in all the social media platforms.

Good news – The intense hard labor work can be done by Social Media Aggregating Tools to help you save time and money and utilize it in other parts of the business. With so many refining options available in Aggregators it’s only gonna discover and bring you the quality contents.

2. Huge Audience Engagement – 

Audience using mobile phones and enjoying

No matter what industry business you have but you cannot undermine the amount of engagement you can get from social media aggregator Tools.

Social Media Aggregators offer Tools like Instagram Wall, Twitter Wall, etc which comes in handy to engage with the users on exhibitions or live events.

This wall lets audiences post live updates (thoughts) about the events on their Social Media Profile.

During events, such engagements are updated in real-time on the screen.

3. On Top of The Competitors – 

anime of person staying at the top of others in competition.

Using social media aggregators you can find what is working with your competitors and their audiences. 

Find the pain points and work on it to overcome the barriers and present your business in new and amazing ways with solutions.

Display newly launched products or offers in an attractive manner on the In-store display screen. 

4. Curate Contents

The best Aggregator tool is not the one that collects content from multiple sources into a unified platform but also the one that can discover all content but deliver the refined contents as per the requirement of the user.

There are tools that can refine the content according to:

  • Hashtags (#)
  • Handle (@)
  • Mentions (@)
  • Tagged
  • Location 
  • Profanity filter
  • Including Stories etc…

6. Sales Traffic

Do you remember the Social Media Power “Influencing”? Well, businesses embed the reviews and pictures of satisfied User Generated Content on their websites to attract new audiences and influence them to make decisions.

7. Discover and Set Trends

Trend comes and goes with time but it’s important to float with the trend or else you’ll be left out at the shore.

There are two types of business:

  • Businesses that build and develop products according to the pain points that can be a highly purchased product and automatically sets a trend.
  • Businesses that build and develop alternate products according to the trend.

The good marketer is the one who changes it’s marketing style with time because the marketing style in the 90s was way different than today’s marketing style. Social media aggregators let you understand what most of the people are talking about and provide services accordingly. 


Choose the right fit Social Media Aggregator tool according to your business requirements because every Social Media Aggregator tool comes with different pricing and features. I personally suggest TagEmbed cause it has all the necessary features and the pricing are also very pocket friendly.

This will surely help you and your business aggregate quality content and deliver as well as boost your business drastically.

-Thank You

Published by Brad Hemmings

Hi, I’m Brad. Previously a magazine editor, I became a full-time freelance writer in 2020. I spend most of my time on the internet searching for solutions that could help businesses grow. So, I’ve started my social blog, my concern is providing the best solution and being resourceful!

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