5 Best WordPress Plugin to Embed Social Media Feeds

Embedding social media feeds on the WordPress website has become simpler and significant since these amazing 5 WordPress plugin integration has come into existence.

The amount of engagement and conversion it gives, if utilized smartly is unpredictable.

Before looking at those WordPress Plugin tools lets start with a little basic overview of WordPress:

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About WordPress

Wordpress logo holding in palm of a hand

Leading with 36% of the website market WordPress has become a common and the first choice for most of the users around the globe. 

With so many customizable plugins and widgets, you can take the website view and feel to the next level.  

The theme gallery of WordPress is huge, available for free and also for an average of 40 dollar price-point.

There are many benefits of using WordPress such as:

1. Easy to use – Using WordPress is so easy just click on the options you want like add/delete pages or posts, images, contents, etc. 

The results of your customization can be previewed instantly.

2. Be the developer – No more contacting the developer for any changes. Just open the admin panel and make changes according to your requirement.

3. Managing website – Manage your website easily as you want from anywhere.

Just log in to any Internet-enabled system and control your website.

WordPress also provides a mobile application that can be downloaded and utilized anytime.

Even while walking. (Not recommended, keep your eyes on-road)

4. Users restriction – Being the administrator, give access to multiple users that can make the changes on your behalf or remove access when you want.

5. Extend Functionality – With the help of plugins add calendar, video gallery, embed social media feeds and many more functionality to your websites.

Not only does it make the website advanced but also makes the feel of the website different.

Top 5 WordPress Plugin to embed social media feeds:

1. Taggbox – Social Media Aggregator Plugin – 

Taggbox plugin page screenshot

Aggregate social media feeds from different options like

  • Hashtags (#)
  • Handles (@)
  • Tags
  • Mentions (@)
  • Locations etc. 

Taggbox leads in the social media aggregator WordPress plugin because of the following simple yet powerful key features :

  • You can gather content from 15+ social media & digital platforms.
  • Product tagging features make social content shoppable.
  • Real-time update feeds directly from the social media platform to your website.
  • Modify your feeds according to your mood with Custom CSS
  • Customizable and personalizable with themes, banners, fonts color and designs, etc.
  • Moderation: to maintain the quality of your content.
  • Profanity filter to filter out abusive or explicit content.
  • Always online customer support & assistance.
  • Measure the progress with powerful analytics.

And many more features.

With so many powerful features in one, the infrastructure and management make the plugin Fast and responsive. It provides 14 days free trial without entering Credit Card details.

2. Spotlight Social Media Feeds Plugin – 

Spotlight lets you only embed Instagram feeds with some top features such as:

  • Connecting multiple Instagram accounts
  • Grid Instagram layout.
  • Customize the bio text and profile photo.
  • “Follow” button
  • “Load more” button
  • Sort the content based on date, popularity, etc.

The user can embed the feeds in a short amount of time.

3. Social Media Feed Plugin – 

It uses the access token method to access your Instagram feeds in a beautiful grid arrangement.

Some of the key features of it are:

  • Image Load Count
  • Image Size
  • Profile posts, followers, following.
  • Custom CSS
  • Bootstrap 

It comes with the link for every post so that you can directly visit the source of the image.

It’s very simple to use.

The arrangement in which it displays the images is called masonry arrangement.

4. 10web Social Photo Feed Plugin – 

10web is also a powerful plugin that lets you integrate feeds from Instagram in a short amount of time.

The key features of 10web are:

  • Customizable Layout 
  • Single or mix feeds (premium) display 
  • Filters for your feeds (Premium only)
  • Sharing button on social platform
  • Blog style feeds
  • Infinite scroll for the feed

Full image sorting option like date, likes, comments or random.

On clicking the image you can redirect the user to any website or just let the image open.

5. Social Feed Gallery – 

Social Feed Gallery is also an Instagram embedding plugin that lets you embed the feeds directly into your websites.

Let’s look at the highlighting features of the social feed gallery:

  • Able to Highlight the Instagram gallery layout (Pro version)
  • Display the captions of the image in the feeds (Pro version)
  • “Load More” button (Pro Version) 
  • Change the appearances of the feeds and layout of your Instagram feeds.
  • Easily synchronize the data.

This WordPress plugin was formerly known as the “Instagram Feed Gallery”.


These are the best WordPress Plugin to embed Instagram Feeds on websites or say social media feeds on websites.

Use the plugin to get more out of your business and grow rapidly and drastically.

Increasing the social reach, increasing user engagement, building trust, brand awareness, loyalty and conversions.

Increase dwell time and decrease the bounce rate to get yourself the top position on the SERP and be found by the users.

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